Karaoke Video Booth Case Study

The karaoke video booth was created for our client EE who wanted to recreate the fun from the USA hit TV show car pool karaoke featuring James Corden. The show was an instant global success and everyone was sharing clips to social media via stories and posts.

How Does Green Screen Work for Film, Cinema and Video?

The Magic of Green Screens Have you ever wondered how weather forecasters appear in front of dynamic weather maps, or how actors seamlessly interact with fantastical creatures on screen? The answer lies in the power of green screens, a technology that revolutionized the world of video production. Imagine transporting yourself to a tropical beach for […]

Feedback Video Booth for Disney

The feedback video booth is a great tool for creating a small private space at a venue to record people’s feedback. For London Comic Con 2017 Disney approached Green Screen UK to create and supply a video booth to record customer feedback about their products and services. Disney is no small business and is a […]