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Karaoke Video booth

We took James Corden’s popular TV / Online show and turned it in to a cool and engaging experiental marketing event that toured the UK for mobile provider EE

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Video Booth Brief

The karaoke video booth was created for our client EE who wanted to recreate the fun from the USA hit TV show carpool karaoke featuring James Corden. The show was an instant global success and everyone was sharing clips to social media via stories and posts. 

EE approached Green Screen UK as we had built many different custom photo and video booths over the years and there was no off the shelf solution.  

We needed to create a video booth with a small footprint but that would attract a young audience to interact with.

The video booth needed to use instant green screen (or video AI) technology so that we could superimpose a backdrop of a car driving along the road. 

The video booth would tour at 30 universities all over the UK from Cornwall up to St Andrews in Scotland.

The Video Booth Solution

We were able to turn around a solution quickly by adapting our open video booth, unlike other photo or video booths, ours is modular and allows variable camera height, large TV monitors, pro audio mixing, a PA system and exterior branding. Plus it can do all this and use only a very small footprint of space (2x2m).

To give the full effect of a car driving down the road like in the carpool karaoke TV show we had to use our live green screen technology. Working with the stand builder we were able to get a fabric green screen built into the stand. The superimposed backdrop could be seen live on the large TV screens. 

The large TV screens attract and engage the crowd to understand what is going on and in doing so makes them want to take part. People love to film the live action happening on the TV’s and share this

The Video Booth Workflow

Guests would queue up to use the video booth, whilst in the queue a member of the events team would ask them what song they would like to perform. The song would then be added to the music list.

Guests would take a seat on the car seats, the countdown would then begin and with music playing through the speakers (turned up to loud), a microphone placed in front of the guests would capture their voices singing along.

On screen a slider would go from start to finish to show the progress of the recording.

After filming the footage was instantly ready to share to the guests social media, guests used the ipad on the stand to share their footage to sms or email. We can now share via guests just scanning a QR code on their phones.


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Events Outcome

This event was right on trend with the times, at every of the 30 univercities we had a long queue of people waiting to take part. Simply put it was a hit, everyone wanted to take part and some even did it multiple times.

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