The feedback video booth is a great tool for creating a small private space at a venue to record people’s feedback. For London Comic Con 2017 Disney approached Green Screen UK to create and supply a video booth to record customer feedback about their products and services.

Disney is no small business and is a vast large corporation and so was there questioning.  The questions were tree branching and a yes answer to one would lead to another set of questions. We use a touch screen app to allow us to control the questions and allow us as much time as needed to film.

The feedback video booth used was our Enclosed Video Booth structure which was originally built for the London Olympics Campaign. The feedback video booth takes up a small footprint but allows for groups of up to 3 people to enter the video booth at once. The exterior of the video booth is fully brandable from floor to roof. Disney chose to use branding and imagery from their Marvel brand.

The Feedback Video Booth Tech Capability

The feedback video booth features a 4K (30fps) camera and can have modern features like 32-bit float audio. For this event we filmed at 1080p for easy viewing. The brand managers on site where also able to view the live recording and listen in via a private monitor and headphones.

As the feedback video booth was placed in the middle of the exhibition floor at the Excel we had a lot of external noise, so to overcome this we used classic handheld interview style microphones passed through a professional audio mixer.

The Feedback Video Booth Workflow

Using events staff working around the feedback video booth to engage visitors observing the stand, welcoming them to take part in the video survey.

Participants were required to sign a waiver presented in digital format via an iPad app.

Once in the feedback video booth they were instructed on what to do by the video booth operator.

A branded touch screen with custom user interface with a big start button would begin the video recording process. Questions were present on a iPad mounted on a stand nearer to the user as the main touch screen was 1.2m arm’s length away.

There were over 25 questions so recording would vary from 5-10 mins per person. A large stop button was located on the screen so that guest could end their recording when they needed.

Feedback Video Booth also does photo

To thanks guests for taking part, they were given a free branded photo that they could share digitally and a Marvel branded print as a unique piece of merch.


We operated the feedback video booth on the Saturday at Comic Con and had a long queue of people throughout the day. A total of 78 feedback videos of varying lengths were recorded.

The feedback video booth met the brief of delivering a dynamic questioning video booth asking questions that would lead to the creation of the Disney Plus streaming service.

tailor made feedback videos for Marvels marketing team in a fully branded booth.

Feedback Video Booth Accessibility.

Mic stands were provided for those unable to hold a microphone. The feedback video booth also features a pull-out bench for wheelchair users.

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