Virtual Backdrop Replacement

Green Screen
Photo Booth

The green screen photo booth allows the user to replace the green with a different background image or video, creating the illusion that the person in the photo is somewhere else entirely. It’s like magic, but without the spells!

What is a Green Screen Photo Booth?

A green screen photo booth is a photo booth that allows the replacement of the backdrop behind people, using either green screen live view tech or  artificial intelligence cloud tech.

Limitless Backgrounds: Transport your guests to any location imaginable, from the Great Wall of China to the depths of the ocean. Choose themed backgrounds, iconic landmarks, or even custom designs tailored to your event.

Interactive & Engaging: With a green screen photo booth, the possibilities are endless. Guests can pose with celebrities, dinosaurs, or even inside a movie scene. The interactive element keeps them entertained and coming back for more.

Personalized Touches: Add logos, text overlays, or even animated elements to make the photos truly unique and memorable.

Personalize backgrounds with birthdays, wedding dates, or company logos for a lasting impression.

Green Screen Photo Booth Gallery

FREE Mock Ups

If you have an idea for a green screen photo booth we are happy to provide you a FREE mock up to help you and your client visualise the idea.

Photo Booth Workflow

How Green Screen Works

The Backdrops

Green screen backdrop selection photo booth

The green screen photo booth allows the guests to choose from up to 99 backdrops, but that would be a daunting choice.
We advised sticking to a smaller choice.
We can supply stock backdrops or you can supply your own.

Live View

green screen photo booth live view

With a green screen photo booth you get to see yourself live in the new backdrop with the aid of live view.
We also offer Artificial intelligence (AI) that does amazing subject cut out but with AI there is no live view. Making posing for complex backdrop difficult.

Photo Taken

halloween photo booth green screen

Once the green screen photo booth has taken the photos or videos. The user can recieve their content via QR scanning, Apple Airdrop or go old SMS and E-Mail. We also offer a pre registration process where the guests register their details before the photo taking and then walk away.

TikTok, Insta, X, Snapchat and more

Social Sharing

Qr Code

Scan a QR code to get your photo

At the end of the green screen photo booth session the user can get their photos or videos by simply scanning a QR code on their phone.


photo booth sharing using apple airdrop

For all apple iPhone users we can simply use airdrop to send their photos from green screen photo booth to their phones.

Photo Booth




The exterior of the green screen photo booth can be visually branded with your logo or campaign artwork using vinyl wrap.

software ui

photo booth user interface branding

The photo booths user interface (interactive touch screen) can be branded with your companies logo or campaign artwork.


photo booth branding of content

The photo and video content can be branded by adding a overlay or frame. We can offer the creation of this artwork for you.


iphone microsite photo booth

All users will recieve their content via QR scannning or email. The webpage or email that is used can feature header, body and footer areas for branding.

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  • Boost Engagement: Green screen photos are inherently shareable, spreading the word about your event organically through social media. This increased engagement can attract more visitors and boost brand awareness.
  • Unique Brand Experience: Create branded backgrounds or interactive elements that showcase your company or product in a memorable way. Guests become walking advertisements, spreading the word in a fun and engaging manner.
  • Data Collection: Our green screen photo booths offer options to capture email addresses or social media information along with the photos. This valuable data can be used for future marketing campaigns and customer engagement.

To book the green screen photo booth simple contact us on either +447384254341 or email There is also a contact form on this page.

The green screen photo booth can be used a space as small as  2x2m or 3x3m for the green screen photographer booth we need 4x3m. 

To change the backdrop behind people in a photo booth you need to use a green screen (chromakey colour) backdrop. The photo booth software must also support green screen backdrop replacement or be using artificial intelligence for backdrop replacement. At Green Screen UK we specialise in green screen photo booths. 

We can assist you with the creation of your photo booth backdrop. Our graphics team can work with your ideas to create concept through to final artwork. We offer a FREE mock up service. Please contact us to find out more. 

No, you do not have to use a green screen to replace the background digitally with a photo booth. We can also use blue or in fact no solid colour wall at all if we opt for artificial intelligence (AI) backdrop removal and replacement. 

Yes, you can, we are happy to build and create you a green screen photo booth solution. Please check out our past installations to see what we have created for other clients. 

We supply green screen photo booths to all the London areas, including the surrounding areas of Uxbridge, Watford, Harrow, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, High Wycombe, Beaconsfield, and Wembley. We also supply to the West Midlands, Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester, Southampton, and Brighton area.