Godox LED Light with octa soft box - Video Lights for content creation filming and influencers

Godox SL100D + Octa Softbox

The Godox SL100D is a super-compact 100W 5600K Daylight-Balanced LED Studio light. The SL100D has been created to meet the requirements of videographers or cinematographers, who are looking for an affordable video lighting solution that is lightweight and portable, whilst also being powerful. 

 The perfect light for YouTubersLive Streamers, Content Creators, and independent filmmakers.

The 95cm Octagon soft box provides the perfect soft light for skin and helps to minimise harsh shadows.


The Godox SL100D is a super-compact 100W 5600K Daylight-Balanced LED Studio light. The SL100D has been created to meet the requirements of videographers or cinematographers, who are looking for an entry level video lighting solution that is lightweight and portable, whilst also being powerful. 

The Godox SL100D is a COB (chip on board) LED light meaning we can fit a wide range of lighting modifiers to it.

The perfect light for YouTubers, Live Streamers, Content Creators, and independent filmmakers. You do NOT need to be a pro videographer to use this light. It is also great for Still photographers who prefer to shoot with a dimmable continuous light source.

Immense Power

The SL100D  is a powerful LED light, with an average light output of 32,100 lux at 1m with the standard reflector, which makes it super-bright for its super-compact size. For reference you can get an exposure of f5.6 @1/125 @100iso from 1 metre away from the light with a 60x60cm softbox fitted. 

Impeccable Colour Accuracy.

The SL100D Daylight-Balanced LED Studio light has a super-high CRI (Colour-Rendering Index) rating of ≥96 and a TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) of ≥97 for accurate colour reproduction. This means that the SL100Dis suitable for Professional Broadcast use as well as for Film-Making and Commercial Cinematography. 

Shoot At Virtually Any Framerate

The integrated COB LED chip is also Flicker-Free, meaning you can shoot virtually any framerate, or any shutter-angle without fear of introducing flicker into your footage. 

8 Built-In Lighting Effects

The SL100D Daylight-Balanced LED Studio light features 8 Built-in Lighting effect presets, which simulate various lighting scenarios, including Lightning storms, TV, flashes, and broken bulbs etc. Perfect for adding mood and drama to your cinematography.

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