F and V K400se LED Lights

3x F&V K4000SE LED Lighting Kit

This 3 point light kit with three 1×1 LED light panels and great for filming on location where you don’t have space to use a softbox or lantern.  The F&V K4000SE’s come with white PVC front diffussion panel fitted. 

They are the perfect lights for YouTubersLive Streamers, Content Creators, and independent filmmakers.

The lights come with stands, cables and carry bag. 3x V mount batteries are available for an extra £25+VAT per day


F&V K4000 SE Daylight LED Studio Panel 3KIT

Vibrant Colour Reproduction 
With a TLCI of up to 99 (97±2) and a CRI of up to 97 (95±2), the SE fixtures raise the color reproduction to new heights, representing colors truthfully, neutral and vibrant.

Increased Brightness 
An advanced design results in even more brightness than previous generations could achieve. Yet also the new Special Editions maintain a wide beam angle to not sacrifice softness for brightness.

New Attachment System
Incorporating the new F&V attachment system for light shaping accessories, the SE fixtures are compatible with the full range of tools like barndoors, honeycomb grids, diffusors, filter holders and softboxes.

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