Fluorescent cool lights

The Photonbeard Highlight 110’s are an old school light work just like a Kinoflo Divalite. 

The are called cool lights because at the time they were released the only other type of video/film lighting were redheads and blondes that all used 800w+ halogen or tungsten bulbs that gave off a lot of heat and used 100x more power than todays LED’s.

These lights have flicker free 2x 55w daylight (5200k) balanced bulbs. The lights are dimmable.

3x heads available with cables and stands.


Daylight balanced cool lighting from 2x 55w tubes. These lights produce a wide and soft light, they can be supplied with diffusion get for a even softer light.

Great for filling an area with light when space is limited.

Great for film photography and video filming.

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