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Videos from the Video Booth

These are the type of videos we can produce in our green screen video booth for events.

Flying Carpet video booth with green screen created for Nickelodeon Channel UK
Cartoon Network video booth created at Comic Con London UK.
Car pool karaoke video booth
Green screen video studio created at a pop up event for Midori drinks brand.
red bull slow motion video booth with freeze frame special effects.
Cadburys Christmas video booth (rep of Ireland)
Football(soccer) player walk in green screen livr video booth for events
Dance music video – Video Booth for events
Car Pool Karaoke Compilation from the EE UK Uni Tour
The Darkness music video – video booth experience for a special fan event in London.
Jurassic Park Themed video booth, dinosaur chasing humans

Star Wars themed video booth with jedi light sabre fighting.