Our photo pod, fully loaded with marketing features, ideal for retail installations, mobile tours, or where space is at a premium.

This elegant stream lined photo pod with touch screen simplicity can capture video, Gifs or photos.

Customize the branding of the pod, the user interface and the images.



Guests can access the touchscreen device without the need for a password.

Users are able to customise their experience, are able to take selfies, use AR filters and GIF animations.

Optional disclaimer available before social sharing.

Visual Branding

The exterior shell of the pod can be branded.

The screen can also play adverts and show digital branding to the passing public maximising visual exposure.

Content Branding

All digital photo and video content is brandable. For photos we can add a client logo and branded photo frame.

For videos we can use an overlay logo and also a branded intro and outro.

We can assist with the design for your event.

Social Branding

Take your message online. All photos and videos created in the open booth can be shared instantly to social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email and YouTube.

Event and client Hashtags can be added for trending.

The software we use to share from is customisable and can be fully branded.

Data Capture and Sharing Analytics

Collect emails, and even custom survey questions as part of the photo sharing experience.

Do you need to collect email, user data and perhaps a customer questionnaire? If so our data collection service is available and fully GDPR compliant.

Need to know how big your social reach was from content created in our booth? Then we can do this for you presenting analytic information in visual form post event.

Book a Pod!

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