Just about everyone has heard of Green screen by now thanks to the movie makers. We at Green Screen UK have been delivering Green screen fun now for many years, it definitely adds that wow factor to any event or party.

We can now add green screen tech to most of our systems, given you the choice of photos, video or GIFs using any background you want thanks to chroma key tech.

Green screen coupled with the opportunity to have branding of every element from the booth to the images and out onto social media, make a powerful reason to utilize us to tell a story or forge brand awareness.
Turn guests into willing ambassadors of your brand, while they engage and have fun.



Guests stand in front of the green screen and are captured by our photo or video crew.

They see themselves live on the large playback TV monitor interacting with the scene they have chosen.

Our crew guide and direct them through the photo or video process.


As the guest is being filmed/photographed the public get to see the action via an outward facing large TV screen.

The large screen pulls in a crowd and attracts more people to your stand and also to take part.

We can also use this screen to display adverts and slideshow recorded content.

Visual Branding

The counter can be branded to suit your brand and event.

The TV screen can also play adverts and show digital branding to the passing public maximising visual exposure. Plus the TV stand can be branded.

Roll up banners can be used either side of the green screen.

Content Branding

All digital photo and video content is brandable. For photos we can add a client logo and branded photo frame.

Custom branded overlay can be added to all photos that can incorporate your logo and events hashtags etc.

We can assist with the design for your event.

Social Branding

Take your message online. All photos and videos created in the open booth can be shared instantly to social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email and YouTube.

Event and client Hashtags can be added for trending.

The software we use to share from is customisable and can be fully branded.

Data Capture and Sharing Analytics

Do you need to collect email, user data and perhaps a customer questionnaire? If so our data collection service is available and fully GDPR compliant.

Need to know how big your social reach was from content created in our booth? Then we can do this for you presenting analytic information in visual form post event.

Book a Green Screen!

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