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Photo Booths, Video Booths and Virtual Booths

photos and videos for eventd

Why Use Photo and Videos for Your Event?

Photos and videos are the easiest way to create a fun experience. A photo or video experience people will want to show off and share. Photos and videos also stay on peoples social media feeds for a long time and serve as an endless branding and social reach tool.

virtual photo booth

Virtual Booths

Virtual is the new normal. But have no fear you can still have a photo booth at your conference, activation or event with our cloud based virtual photo booth. Your guests and target audience can take part using their own device no matter where they may be in the world.

our most popular products:

PHoto Booth, Video Booths, Green Screen

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Physical Booths and Services

When it is safe to return to physical events we will still be here to offer our full range of photo booths, video booths, 360 Booths and more. Don’t forget we are also specialists in creating custom photo and video experiences.