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Open Photo and Video Booth

The Ultimate Crowd Puller


The open booth is a massive crowd puller, working in tandem with our live view green screen system, guests and the public can see the magic of special effects in real time.

The open booth features two large 4K TV screens that shows guests and the passing public what happens when filming or taking photos on a green screen. This system is designed for the guests to interact with images with ease and to attract a large audience around your stand.

The open booth has no walls or enclosure and can be adapted to suit a variety of uses and spaces. It can be used for a single person say reading the weather forecast, up to large groups or where lots of movement is needed.

Open Booth in Action

User Experience

How it Works

Guests stand against the green screen they are captured by the camera or video operator and see themselves on the large playback TV monitor live against the backdrop.

Finished videos/photos can instantly be shared.

Video Booth with Green Screen, Open Booth

Public Experience


As the guest is being filmed/photographed the public get to see the action via an outward facing large TV screen.

The large screen attracts more people to your stand, which in-turn lead to more people taking part.

This screen can be used to display adverts etc.

Public interacting with the photo video booth



Touch less

We now offer touch less operation for safer handling during the pandemic.

live stream

Live Stream

Live stream the green screen studio at your event to the world.

face filter

Face Filters

Just like snapchat, instagram stories etc. We can add live face filters to photos.

data capture 180

Data Capture

Do you need to collect email, user data and perhaps a customer questionnaire?

your logo here


Add your brand logo, colour scheme and message to our apps and all imagery

social sharing


Take your message online. All photos and videos created in the open booth can be shared instantly to social media.

Ease Of Use System

For long term hirers we can send the open booth out with our operators or as a dry hire solution which can be operated by any staff.

Full training is given prior to hire, please inform us which option you require when contacting us.

Your Brand Everywhere

video booth open branding

Visual Branding

The exterior shell of the open booth can be branded on 3 sides

The TV screen can play adverts and show digital branding to the passing public maximising visual exposure.

A sound system can be added to further grab peoples attention as they walk past

video booth digital content branding

Content Branding

All digital photo and video content is brandable. For photos we can add a client logo and branded photo frame.

For videos we can use an overlay logo and also a branded intro and outro.

We can assist with the design for your event

photo video booth social sharing

Social Branding

Take your message online. All photos and videos created in the open booth can be shared instantly to social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email and YouTube and more.

Event and client Hashtags can be added for trending.

The software we use to share from is customisable and can be fully branded.


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    Where do we cover?

    We cover all the UK and EU


    We need from 2x2m up to 5x5m space. We can go larger if needed.

    How to Book?

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