Client: Roald Dahl Children's Gallery

Solution: Install


'Roald Dahl Children's Gallery' called us in to update their green screen attraction, Mike Teavee from 'Charlie and the Chocolate factory'.
The attraction was designed for children to interact with their chosen picture or to make a drawing, this is then placed into a slot, they then stand in front of the green screen and can see themselves interacting with their pictures on a TV as seen in the movie.
Their requirement was for us to design a fault tolerant system that would run continuously for 365 days a year, without a computer using only an on off switch.

The solution

We set up a testing environment in our studio that replicated the space in the museum.
After much research mostly with hardware manufacturers in the USA, we were able to put together components that would achieve the desired results.
The tests were successful, we were given a window of a day and a half to refit the attraction, with the specialist cameras and equipment.

Event Outcome

The museum now has a modern HD interactive green screen video booth for visitors of all ages to play with, it has been running for over a year so far.

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