Event Name: MCM Comic Con

Location: London

Client: SGA Productions

Solution: Enclosed Video Booth

Event Brief

To Provide a feedback booth for Marvel at the Comic Con with dynamic questioning.

Video Booth branded for Marvel with queue of people waiting to used

The Video Booth

Our enclosed video booth is made of our own design and can be modify for a variety of different needs, as well as featuring over £1000 of pro film lighting and housing a Canon 1Dx II which allows video recording at 4k 30fps with live face tracking AF. For this event, for the audio we used a classic handheld interview microphone passed through an audio mixer, an auto-cue is in use for relaying the questions to the user. The videos are broadcast quality.

Video Booth with branding for Marvel

Video Booth workflow

After entering the booth our technician would explain the process to the guests and filming would begin. A live feed of the videos would be sent to a coms room where Marvels marketing team would feed tailor made questions to the Marvel fan in the booth. There was no time limit on recordings some were five minutes long. At the end of each recording the video booth doubled as a photo booth given the guests a Marvel branded photo as a thank you for taking part.

Event Outcome

We operated the video booth on the Saturday at Comic Con and had a long queue of people throughout the day. We recorded 78 feedback videos of varying lengths. We had delivered tailor made feedback videos for Marvels marketing team in a fully branded booth.

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