Event Name: Grip challenge

Locations: Green Park, London

Client: Because XM

Solution: Custom made Green Screen Photo Booth

GIF preview of the booth in action

Event Brief

This was our second year working with Continental Tyres on the 'Grip Challenge' at the huge London Ride event in Green Park. The brief included building a tiny green screen photo booth in an event pod, to recreate an extreme sports photo of guests gripping onto a Continental tyre while dangling from a tall building.

The customer workflow

The experience had to run quickly allowing us to turn around a large number of people over two days. The booth was automated by one member of crew who directed the customer on and off the experience. From the time of taking the photo to the customer collecting their print was around 3-4 minutes.

Event Outcome

The 'Grip Challenge' event has been running for two consecutive years, being such a unique experience for all taking part. The instant photo for guests to walk away with and social sharing help create brand awareness. In total the photo booth was able to turn around 588 people with 600+ photo prints plus 381 photos being shared to social media.

Total Photos: 588

Total Shares: 381

Estimated Social Reach: 14,540

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