CLIENT: Event Fuel

Solution: Open Video Booth

Video preview of the booth in action

Event Brief

Event Fuel asked us to create a snowy, Christmas themed green screen video booth for a tour of Ireland.

The tour was for four weeks throughout the Republic of Ireland from Cork to Limerick and Dublin and the surrounding areas. We helped with getting the backdrop created with another graphics agency and organised all kit to be shipped, with our crew flying in for each event.

The customer workflow

To attract people to take part we had a large screen showing a video of the sleigh flying through the air.

Guests were directed into the green screen sleigh by the promo team. They were able to see themselves live on a TV monitor near the camera. Once the videos are shot, they are edited on the spot for guests to share via an iPad kiosk.

Event Outcomes

The event ran for four weekends in December on the run up to Christmas, the video booth was a hit at every shopping centre location, families and kids just loved it.

Filmed: 1000+

Videos Created: 558

Estimated Social Reach: 41,250 people

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