Solution: Enclosed Video Booth


We were invited to East Sussex University to install a feedback booth during graduation week, the booth would allow students to record and share their stories about their time at uni.

The brief was that the booth was to be fully branded from the touch screen interface in the booth, the social share software on the upload kiosk and the exterior of the booth, and to be manned for the whole of graduation week.

The solution

We fitted out one of our video booths with a touch screen countdown and used two hand held mics fed into a mixer for best quality audio; the booth had extra sound proofing added as the hall was in permanent party mode.

The finished videos featured a graphic overlay with the hashtag #sussexgrad to use when posting to social media.

Guests also had the chance to get a photo taken, this was ideal for students not wishing to record a video but still wanting to take home a branded and dated photo as a memory.

We dealt with all the GDPR compliance.

Event Outcomes

The booth was a great success generating figures of 290 captured recordings.

290 Videos Created

386 Guests used the booth

25281 Estimated Social Media Reach

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