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Netflix The Dark Crystal Voice Over Booth

voice over booth for dary crystal netflix bfi
The Instant Voice Over Booth created for Netlix Dark Crystal exhibition at the London BFI

Event Brief

The Dark Crystal is a cult film classic from the 1980s created by Jim Henderson, creator of the muppets, the film has many old and new fans. 

Netflix wanted to create a fan event, the event was to be held at London’s British Film Institute (BFI) for two weeks, the event was to promote the upcoming release of the new Dark Crystal show. Most of this event would feature props and production drawings from the TV series.

Netflix wanted to give the fans a unique take home and create something that had never been done before, a voice over booth that would allow fans to record their own voice to one of the puppets from the show.  


People Taking Part


Estimated Social Reach


Voice Overs Created


Live Event Days

Netflix Voice over booth instant recording booth at BFI
Voice Over Booth Branding for Netflix Dark Crystal
AV technician manning the voice over booth 700x467 1
The Voice Over Booth with AV technican for quality control.

The Solution

A live voice over booth with the ability to share the recording instantly to social media had never been done before, but it was something we at Green Screen UK knew we could create. Just like our The Darkness Music Video experience working with live footage/audio and instantly it is no problem.

We had six weeks to build a custom solution and install it. We opted to repurpose the enclosed video booth. Netflix decided on three clips for fans to choose from, our developer created a touch screen terminal to allow guests to review each clip so that they could prepare whilst queuing. Once in the booth our operator added their name to the intro title screen then the visual footage was played on the TV screen in front of them with closed captions. They also wore a pair of headphones to hear the original actors’ vocals to help them copy the tones and pronunciations. As soon as the recording was finished the guests walked over to the touch screen device to send their clip to email and/or social media. 

Here is a finished clip with users name dynamically added to the intro screen.


The event ran for two weeks and each day had a massive turn out. As well as the public we had some of the actors from the show turn up to have a go as well. The voice over booth was a huge success not just because we pulled it off but more so because the fans totally loved it and we had a massive queue each day. The client was extremely happy and the figures did the talking. The voice over booth is still available for others to hire, just contact us.

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