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FIAT Showroom Photo Booth

Photo booth pod retail car showroom
Photo Booth Pod in a small 1.5x 2 meter retail space

Event Brief

Fiat held a special sales event at their flagship Central London car showroom, to launch their new hybrid and all electric models. They needed a fun and entertaining element to keep the customers and their kids amused so they chose our photo booth pod.

The photo booth pods also needed to create branded digital content for sharing on the clients Facebook page and also the users social media account (Facebook, Insta, Tik Tok).


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Photo booth pod touch screen ui in use scaled

Content from the Event


As with many retail stores, space is a real premium and they only had a 1.5 x 2 meter space to work within. We decided to deploy our Photo Booth Pod with a flat panel green screen. 

The Photo Booth Pod allows us to create stunning green screen photos, videos and Boomerangs very easily and very quickly. 

We knew the showroom staff would be busy making deals so we also installed a large TV screen and stand to slideshow and showcase what the photo booth could do. The TV screen acts as a crowd puller because people walking past the outside of the store could look in and see what fun things were happening indoors. 

Fiat supplied the press and product photos and our team created the artwork for the overlay and backdrop. The touch screen user interface is also branded with Fiat’s logo and products.


The Photo Booth Pod are very simple and easy to use, the fully brandable touch screens give clear and easy instructions to follow, with clear visuals and audio.

The user is able to select from Photo, Video or Boomerang GIF, then they are able to choose from a selection of backdrops and hit start. They will see and hear a countdown and a live preview of themselves.  

At the end of the process they get to send the content to their social media or personal email.


Over the two day weekend the showroom managed to sell 21 cars and the photo booth was used to photograph the happy new customers. The Photo Booth Pod is the perfect fun solution for a very small space.

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