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EE Karaoke Video Booth Case Study

Karaoke Video Booth

Event Brief

If you can remember back to 2015, this is the year James Corden started CarPool Karaoke in the USA, the show was an instant global success and everyone was sharing clips to social media etc.

EE approached us to create a live experience carpool karaoke video booth that could tour all over the UK at 30 universities.

The solution was to be operated by a member of our team with training given to brand ambassadors.


People Taking Part


Estimated Social Reach


Videos Created


Event attendance over 2 weeks


We were able to turn around a solution quickly by adapting our open video booth, unlike other photo or video booth our open video booth allows variable camera height, large TV monitors, pro audio mixing, a PA system and exterior branding. Plus it can do all this and use only a very small footprint of space (2x2m).

The large TV screens of the open booth always attract and engage crowds to understand what is going on and to also take part.

After filming the footage was instantly ready to share to the guests social media, guests used the ipad on the stand to share their footage to sms or email.

Carpool Karaoke Video Booth


This event was right on trend with the times, at every of the 30 univercities we had a long queue of people waiting to take part. Simply put it was a hit, everyone wanted to take part and some even did it multiple times. The figures do a lot of talking, the karaoke booth helped people create a lot of amazing video content that people wanted to share and watch over and over again.

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