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Custom Built Green Screen Photo Booth for Attractions

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Event Brief

We were approached by Accelor Mittal Orbit to tender for an additional public experience at the attraction. The brief was to supply a green screen photo experience similar to that at the Shard London, the booth would have to :

– Up the social media presence of the attraction with instant uploading of photos to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

– To be fun and interactive to people of all ages, family friendly

– Give guests a unique green screen photo souvenir of their day and visit

– Large photo booth and green screen area to accommodate large groups and families.

– be operated by a single member of staff


People Taking Part


Estimated Social Reach


Videos Created


Event attendance over 2 weeks


The green screen photo booth was custom designed and built to fit in to its surroundings. The green screen photo booth experience was placed in the welcome pavilion at the entrance to the attraction. So guests could have their photos taken before going to the top of the tower.

Guests visiting the attraction were able to have their photo taken on the green screen photo booth and then be transported to a fun and adventurous backdrop image, which was themselves sitting on one of the structural beams.

Like other attractions we chose to keep the photo booth manned so that guests could be swiftly moved along, so that any que could be kept to the minimum.

The green screen photo booth was operational by one member of staff and deliver the printed photos instantly and offered people the chance to share their photo to social media.

The green screen photo booth was built in a 4×4.5 meter space with a TV to showcase the finished photos to show the public what was possible. Just like the Harry Potter green screen experience in London, the camera, lights and computer system were built around a single truss structure.


The green screen photo booth was a great hit with the members of the public visiting over the two-week trial and allowed us to learn a great deal about supply and creating green screen experiences for attractions. From here we have gone on to supply permanent installs for the Roald Dahl Gallery and short term attractions for the likes of Life Science Centre in Newcastle and the BFI in London.

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