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What is a Video Booth?

What is a video booth?

What is a Video Booth?

A video booth is just like a photo booth but it is dedicated to just creating video content. Whether that be video feedback with dynamic questions or fun and interactive AR (Augmented Reality) video created with green screen technology. 

As a device a video booth can be both fully automated with a touch screen for the user to operate or it can be manned with a member of our team.

Our video booths use high quality cameras, professional microphones and audio. They feature live view displays with instant recording and sharing of the content to social media.

A short 60 second reel explaining what a video booth is. Youtube:

Why use a video booth for your event?

Videos are now the most popular content type viewed on all social media platforms, in the past year we have seen reels on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube become the new norm. Reels and video stories are watched more than a static photo on a person’s feed.

What can a Video Booth be used for?

Video booths are used at events which include


marketing events

corporate events

trade shows


One great feature of our video booths is the live green screen technology that allows us to create truly interactive special effect video content for guests. Our video booth also features a large screen to pull the crowds in to watch the action.

The large screen also prompts people to get their phones out and film the TV display creating more attention on the video booth.

What type of video content can I record in the video booth?

The video booth can be used to record

  • feedback
  • fun interactions
  • green screen interactive content
  • karaoke singing
  • slow motion video
  • weather person experience
  • news reader experience
  • footballer walk ons
  • sport commentary
  • live dance music videos
  • TikTok video creations
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Reels
  • and so much more. 

For feedback use we can prompt questions to the sitter and even develop and deliver a dynamic questioning system. External live monitoring for clients is also available. 

How to book a Video Booth

To talk to us about booking a video booth for your event please


Call: 07384 254 341