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10 Amazing Video Content Ideas for Your Next Event

Green Screen UK have been producing video booths since 2011. In this blog post, we will look back on this decade of events by showcasing 10 Video Booth examples.

Our booths are always visually enticing, fully branded and programmed for pure entertainment; engage your customers with amazing content and super cool tech.

To do this, we use green screen film technology and deploy unique live video software to create video content instantly ready to share. As of 2022 we can also use AI to remove the background of the video for scene  replacement.

Video is the most shared media type on social media platforms including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook (Meta), Twitter and Youtube.Hopefully this blog will help you gain ideas and inspiration on how to captivate your customers with a Video Booth at your next event.

1. The Car Pool Karaoke Video Booth

First created for EE, the car pool karaoke video booth toured the UK and Ireland for a year. Since then It has also been used by many other clients and we actually developed an in car version to use inside of a Fiat 500 for Fiat to roll out at their UK showrooms.

The karaoke booth is created by customisiong our open photo and video booth.

A compliation of the best clips from the car pool karaoke video booth tour.

2. The Weather Person Video Booth

We first created this for Cruzial who were sponsors of ITV weather back in 2015, since then it has been used for many events and clients including the BBC and Channel 4 Upfronts.

The weather person booth is created using our open photo and video booth system, with either a handheld or shotgun mic.

The weather person video booth with branding on the microphone and lower screen overlay.

3. Video Content FX + AI Video Booth

The last 5 years has seen video booth software and hardware advancing at an amazing pace to keep up with apps like Instaram, Snapchat and TikTok. We can now offer amazing live video effects and ai (artifical intellegence) filters using our video booth pod and roaming content creators service.

Video Pods Hire with Live Video Effects and AI Filters Perfect for Live Video Content Creation

4. Footballers Walk In Green Screen Video Booth

Footballer walk ins have been used for years now by different TV broadcast companies and our green screen hire business has supplied many a film crew with the necessary kit to create them. So when Manchester City approached us to create a live matchday fan experience we knew exactly how to create it.

To create this video booth we used our open photo booth with a green screen.

Footballer walk on green screen video booth

5. Live Music Video – Video Booth

Music videos are one of the top 3 most watched catergory of videos on youtube. Creating a music video is no easy job and creating a mash up with pre recorded and live footage is no easy job, but we took on the challenge from The Darkness to create a live music video – video booth. Everything was recorded live with the help of two directors and large live view monitors.

The idea was so popular we had too many people wanting to take part, and we couldnt quite fit them all in to the video.

To create the live music video booth we used a custom video booth pop up studio solution.

The Darkness fan event live music video mash up creation – all filmed and edited live

6. Dance Video Booth

There are so many viral dance routines on Tik Tok and Instagram and theses dance videos are always trending. We created a dance video booth for Lee Jeans to use at their UK evening events. The dance booth is an excellent idea to create unique and sharable content from your event.

The dance video booth was created using green screen live technology with our open video booth system.

7. Slow Motion Video Booths

Where would Hollywood be without the with the epic slow down of motion video for all the best action clips and sequences. Most photo booths and video booths on hire market can now offer slow motion. We recently took the slow motion video booth to another level by creating a whole stunt rig with full trainned crew and a 20x20ft green screen, we call this a custom video booth build. The video booth was created for the release of Mission Impossible. Guests had to jump an 18ft gap just like Tom Cruise did in the film.

Slow motion live video booth/studio created for film launch

8. Jurassic Dinosaur Themed Video Booth

From small kids to grown ups, everybody is fascinated by dinosaurs. The Jurassic Park/World franchise has been running almost 30 years now and is still a popular film.

We have created many Hollywood film themed photo and video booths in our time but this dinosaur chase video is still one of the most popular and chosen backdrops at all our events. 

The Jurassic Park dino themed chase scene is available with our open photo and video booth.

9. Star Wars Themed Video Booth

The Star Wars movie franchise keeps getting bigger and bigger, with many fans both old and new.  We created our Star Wars video booth to offer a simple but iconic scene from the film (a lightsaber dual) with the appropriate starship sci fi backdrop.

The lightsabre scene is also great because it allows two people or more to interact and create some fun videos with the appropriate props. 

The star wars themed video booth is created using the open booth.

Star Wars Themed Video Booth with Lightsabres

10. Flying Carpet Video Booth

Nickelodeon approached us with the crazy idea of creating a flying carpet video booth for their staff Christmas party in London. Using a bucking bronco party machine with a special flying carpet fitted we were able to green screen a large 5x6m area. 

The video booth was for the Nickelodeon TV show Shimmer and Shine. We had to use a director to help the young children interact and provided live screen monitors for the parents and audience to view the live composited action. At the end of filming kids received their footage on a branded USB wristband.

The flying carpet video booth was created using our open video booth.

Flying Carpet Video Booth Created For Nickelodeon

Got your own idea for video content?

Get in touch below and run your idea past us and we will tell you whats possible and how it might work.

Why use a Video Booth for your event?

Well because they are fun, people love creating and sharing videos, hence the success of video sharing platforms like Youtube, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.

How to Book a Video Booth for your Next Event?

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