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How to Create a Karaoke Video Booth for Your Event?

car pool karaoke video booth on a marketing stand

Karaoke once was confined to the odd pub night up and down the UK now it’s a full on craze with many purpose made karaoke bars and venues in the UK hosting private karaoke parties for children, teens and  adults. 

The Karaoke Video Booth

Here at Green Screen UK we have been creating karaoke video booths since 2015. If you can remember back to 2015, this is the year James Corden started CarPool Karaoke in the USA, the show was an instant global success and everyone was sharing clips to social media etc. EE approached us to create a live experience carpool karaoke video booth that could tour all over the UK at 30 universities .

Creating The Karaoke Video Booth

We were able to turn around a solution quickly by adapting our open video booth, the open video booth allows variable camera height, large TV monitors, pro audio mixing, a PA system and exterior branding. Plus it can do all this and use only a very small footprint of space (2x2m).

The large TV screens of the open booth help attract and engage crowds to understand what is going on and to also take part.

carpool karaoke video booth in action

We couldn’t use a real car (this would come later) so instead a couple of branded car seats were used. The green screen was replaced in software with footage from a moving car. Guests also see a live preview of the footage on the TV screens.  Recording was kept to a max of 15-30 seconds and were ready to share instantly, guests could share the clips to their phones and then upload from there to social media. 

The event was a huge success and we ended the tour with an extra event at EE head office so that the EE staff could also have a go. For more info please read the full karaoke video booth case study here.

EE Carpool Karaoke Video Booth UK Tour

carpool karaoke booth covered in branding
Branding on the Karaoke Video Booth

Karaoke Video Booth in a Car

Fiat approached us back in 2016 with the idea of creating a UK showroom tour for the Fiat 500 plus, we had to scale everything down to fit in a car. Technology now in 2022 makes this easier than back in 2016 but we still made it work back then. We employed the use of tablet computers and window screen mounts to create a system that would work. Unfortunately the UK tour never happened but you can see some demo clips below of what can be achieved. 

Just like all our video booths the footage is ready instantly to share to the guests.

We can easily recreate this in-car  carpool karaoke booth for any client, we can also place this product into camper vans, black cabs or space rockets.

Testing the in car video booth for karaoke
How the guests see the lyrics and themselves in the car karaoke video booth.

How the Karaoke Video Booth Works?

  1. Guests can choose their song from a list of pre-licensed tracks, if we are only filming 15-30 seconds we will cue up the track to the best bit.
  2. The guests are able to read the lyrics from a TV monitor just like in a normal karaoke bar.
  3. Everything is filmed on a Full HD or 4K camera, audio is recorded with professional mixed microphones.
  4. The green screen can be used to add in a new backdrop if needed.
  5. At the end of filming the guests can share the footage to their social media instantly. 

What can you use a Karaoke Video Booth For?

The karaoke video booth has many applications and has been used hundreds of times over the last seven years, clients have included large investment banks, schools, corporate christmas parties to name a few. 

It can also be used for film promos (works well with kids films and musicals), Marketing events, festivals (placed inside a camper van etc), there are so many things you can do with the karaoke booth.

Why use a Karaoke Booth for Your Event?

Simply put it’s fun, it’s unique and people of all ages like to engage with it. Plus people like to share content to social media, especially video content. Today we shot in square or portrait orientation so that the content can be easily share to stories, reels and TikTok.

How Guests Receive Their Videos 

After the footage is recorded it is instantly ready to share. We can share up to 4K footage but files would be too large, so all footage is send in HD 1080p max.

To receive their footage guests are directed over to an iPad or touch screen PC, where they select their clips and send them to their email address. The emails they recieve can be fulled branded and customised. If the file is over 10mb we can not attach it to the email so instead we send a unique url link to a microsite where they can play and download the clip. The microsite is also something we can brand and customise for you.

How we share karaoke videos to guests.

Alternatives to the Karaoke Video Booth

The karaoke booth is an adaptation of our video booth and therefore we have and can create various alternatives to it. 

Rap Freestyle Mobile Recording Music Video Studio 

One idea that came from a fast food retailer was to create a mobile music recording studio for grime artists to video and record a quick freestyle and then share it out to a youtube channel. They could pick from 5-6 different beats and would have had a time limit with a visual counter. 

Voice Over Recording AV Booth

Netflix approached us with the idea of creating a voice over booth, this had never been done in for a live event, but we were able to adapt our enclosed video booth to create an interactive voice over booth. The both ran daily for two weeks at London’s BFI centre and recorded over 10,000 voice overs.

Netflix Voice over booth instant recording booth at BFI
Exterior of the Netflix Voice Over Booth (The Dark Crystal Promo)

Lip Sync Video Booth

Lip sync battle is a huge TV show and also a huge TikTok and Instagram craze, this can easily be recreated in one of our video booths. Guests can see themselves in real time just like doing a vlog or selfie on their phones, words can also appear as text on the screen and like all our video booth products the content is instantly ready to share.

Do you need a karaoke video booth for your event?

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