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NEW Video Booth AI Segmentation

AI or artificial intelligence has been making its way into all areas of technology of the last few years, we now have it in a usable form for our video booths.

Video Booth with AI Segmentation

So what exactly is AI Segmentation?

We’ve all heard of Artificial Intelligence, but do you know how it’s been used to progress the photo booth and video booth industry?

From facial recognition to background removal, AI has been vital in creating awesome new features that have made photo booths and video booths easier to use and more exciting for the users. 

Our photo booths and video booths now use smart AI software to create another game-changing new feature: AI Segmentation. 

How does it all work? 

The AI software differentiates between the human subjects and background in any video, and essentially segments (or divides) the video into two separate parts. We can then add different effects and overlays to these two parts. And here’s the best part: it all happens within our software app, in real-time at your event.

How will AI Segmentation improve your Photo Booth videos?

Taking our videos to the next level to create customised experiences with our videos. We can put a themed or branded animated background behind your subjects, add fun effects to make the guests pop, use freeze frames and pans… The possibilities are endless.

We can use this feature to make weddings, parties, brand activations, festivals, and just about any event way more memorable and exciting!

Is AI Segmentation a Green Screen replacement?

No not quite yet, the AI cut out only works on a single person in front of the camera, so it won’t work for groups of people where you need to change the backdrop. 

Also because AI needs to do the rendering on a server it can take a little longer depending on internet connection, so for speed of rendering we still recommend a green screen. 

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